About Me

I am an IT Engineer & Web Developer from the North West of England.


I’ve spent the last 10 years working as an IT Engineer in Schools. I’ve worked with all kinds of technologies, everything from Interactive Displays & Hall Audio systems through to USB Microscopes.

As an Engineer at Ed-IT Solutions I’ve built Windows domains from scratch and designed school internet connections. I run a cluster of VPS Web servers and provide web hosting to schools.

I’m a component NodeJS and PHP developer that has worked on websites and web applications ranging from small shop Gatsby sites to school WordPress sites and data management apps.



  • Windows Server 2003 - 2016.
  • Windows XP - 10.
  • Full Domain construction and management, Group Policy, AD and supporting services.
  • Client imaging through WDS.
  • HyperV.


  • iOS.
  • MDM (Mosyle, Meraki & Lightspeed MDM).
  • Apple School Manager
  • OSX.
  • AppleTV and other software based solutions.



  • Wireless Systems
  • Switches
  • Routing
  • VLANs

My Articles

OSTicket API Proxy

22nd November 2016

OS Ticket requires to to add the ip for everything that might want to use the API. This causes issues when you want anyone to be able to open tickets from a desktop app.

  • PHP

Screeps Part 10 – RC6 Twice and a Third Room

11th January 2017

Getting to RCL6 and launching into a thrid room.

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Adam Laycock

IT Engineer, Developer & Blogger.